Block 6 Infectious Disease - Parasites

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Soil. Skin - lungs - gut. Small intestine. Eosinophila. HTLV-1 coinfection.
Larva or eggs in stool of strongyloides infected pt. Autoinfection
River blindness, Black fly. Infects the skin and crawls towards the eye. Horrific itching resulting in thick discolored skin. Dx by skin snip
Intracellular. Diarrhea from day care, swimming pool
Vitamin B12 anemia - D. ....
Mango fly. Migrating swelling lesions. Infects and crosses the sclera. larvae in subcutaneous tissue. Tx is DEC or Ivermectin
Loffner's syndrome - eosinophilic wheezing
Soil. Skin - lungs - gi.MCC of anemia/iron deficiency.
West africa, slow onset of african sleeping disease: Trypanosomiasis brucei .....
Cat feces. Undercooked meat.crescent shape. Fance, el salvador. terrible congential infection. HIV
Tx for onchocerciasis
tx for strongyloides
Tx. for filarial elephantitis (Abrv.)
Blood fluke
Pork tape worm - Taenia ......
Mucocutaneous disease resulting in massive destruction of mucous membranes of mouth nose and throat. Occurs months after primary infx.
Tx for cryptosporidium parvum
Forms an oval shape. malaria
Foot long. Soil. GI - circulation - lungs - GI. Small intestine. Intestinal obstruction, cholangitis/pancreatitis.
Chagas disease. Reduvid bug 1. Chagoma - inflammatory lesion of entry . 2. Acute diseaminated disease (Hard to diagnose). 3. Chronic disease
Visceral disease resulting in MASSIVE shapatosplenomegaly and pancytopenia
Snail is intermediate host. Infect colonic mesenteric veins. MCC of rare squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder.
Tx for giardia
Rapid onset of african sleeping sickness (death within a few weeks) Trypanosomiasis brucei .....
Lung fluke. hemoptosis. Crab
Cadiomegaly, GI mega disease (esophagomegaly, large bowel enlargment
African sleeping sickness - Tsetse fly
Cutaneous disease producing difiguring scars. self limited
Co infection with pin worm. bigger than crypto
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water born, snail secondary host. Blind gut.
Most sever malaira. Double ring. Banana. Lots of cells infected
Tx for tape worm
colon inhabitation
Beef tape worm - Taenia .....
poorly cooked meat with encysted larvae. Fairly asymptomatic. Eggs in stool. Proglottid segments and a scolex
anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, exhaustion, nausea, diarrhea, jaundice
Beavers. 2 Macronuclei. MCC parasitic infection. invade columnar epithelium. Diarrhea, steatorrhea
Sepentine rash
tx for whip worm
Filaria. Girls>Men. Mosquito vector. Filaria resides in the lymphatics. Eggs are released nocturnally. Asymptomatic until worm death. After death - Fever, splenomegaly, and chronic
Jejunum/ Illieum
hydatid cyst. Sheep dogs.
soil. no invasion. live both extra and intra - cellularly.. Rectal prolapse
Dx. sctoch tap test. coinfection with Dientomeba fragilis. Large intestine. no invasion. eggs migrate out of the rectum
Tx for ascariasis
Diffuse cutaneous disease looking all the world like lepromatous leprasy.
Tx of leishmaniasis
high cause of environmental asthma. Dog. Visceral disementation, no larva in feces. Larva migrans causes strabismus
Cirrhosis/portal hypertension (looks a lot like alcoholism)/ hepatosplenomegaly.Katayama fever, puritic macularpapular rash. granulomatous colitis.
Liver fluke. fish. Bile duct fibrosis
Tx pinworm
Tx. hook worm
Crowded tropical area. Flask shaped lesions in the colonic epithelium because it cant pass the muscularis mucosa. Dissentary.
steroids make it much worse.
No double ring. 2 MCC cause of malaria

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