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ComparisonMore/LessJames' Stats
Hakeem Olajuwon points24,814 PTS
Larry Bird points24,814 PTS
Clyde Drexler points24,814 PTS
Paul Pierce points24,814 PTS
David Robinson points24,814 PTS
Magic Johnson rebounds6,462 REB
Vince Carter rebounds6,462 REB
Grant Hill rebounds6,462 REB
Michael Jordan rebounds6,462 REB
Bill Walton rebounds6,462 REB
Michael Jordan assists6,256 AST
Gary Payton assists6,256 AST
Tim Hardaway assists6,256 AST
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar assists6,256 AST
Karl Malone assists6,256 AST
Dwyane Wade steals1,545 Steals
Dominique Wilkins steals1,545 Steals
Patrick Ewing steals1,545 Steals
Charles Barkley steals1,545 Steals
Kevin Garnett steals1,545 Steals
ComparisonMore/LessJames' Stats
Kobe Bryant blocks718 Blocks
Clyde Drexler blocks718 Blocks
Larry Bird blocks718 Blocks
Tracy McGrady blocks718 Blocks
Dennis Rodman blocks718 Blocks
Carmelo Anthony 3-Pt Made1,249 3-P Made
Derek Fisher 3-Pt Made1,249 3-P Made
Michael Redd 3-Pt Made1,249 3-P Made
J.R. Smith 3-Pt Made1,249 3-P Made
Allen Iverson 3-Pt Made1,249 3-P Made
Kobe Bryant FT Made5,739 FT Made
Dwyane Wade FT Made5,739 FT Made
Elvin Hayes FT Made5,739 FT Made
Jerry West FT Made5,739 FT Made
Tim Duncan FT Made5,739 FT Made
Magic Johnson Playoff Pts4,419 Playoff Pts
Karl Malone Playoff Pts4,419 Playoff Pts
Michael Jordan Playoff Pts4,419 Playoff Pts
Larry Bird Playoff Pts4,419 Playoff Pts
Hakeem Olajuwon Playoff Pts4,419 Playoff Pts

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