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TitleWomanLife Span
Queen of Egypt14th century BCE
Queen of Egypt69-30 BCE
Queen of England and France1122-1202
Leader of Frech Army1412-1431
Queen of Spain1451-1504
Queen of France1519-1589
Queen of England1533-1603
Queen of Ndongo and Matamba1582-1663
Empress of Russia1729-1796
Queen of France1755-1793
Founder of Women Suffrage Assoc.1815-1902
Queen of England1819-1901
Founder of Women Suffrage Assoc.1820-1908
Founder of American Red Cross1821-1912
Famous labor leader1830-1930
TitleWomanLife Span
Empress of China1835-1908
Queen of Hawaii1838-1917
First woman in British Parliament1879-1964
First woman elected to Congress1880-1973
First woman cabinet member1882-1965
First female pilot to cross Atlantic1898-1937
Prime Minister of Israel1898-1978
Enviormental scientist and activist1907-1964
Founder of Missionaires of Charity1910-1997
Prime Minister of India1917-1984
Prime Minister of England1925-
Queen of Great Britain1926-
First woman in Supreme Court1930-
First woman Secretary of State1937-

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