Founding Fathers and Mothers

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Can you name the founding fathers and mothers of America?

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AccomplishmentsNameLife Span
Wife of president, wrote about life in colonies1744-1818
Helped write declaration of independence, second president1735-1826
North Carolinian who helped boycott British goods1728-1796
Wounded when taking the place of her soldier husband at the cannon 1751-c.1800
Housewife-turned-spy; discovered and revealed British plans1729-1789
One of the leaders of the revolution, helped create Constitution1706-1790
Led effort for Constitution, first secretery of treasury1755-1804
Wrote Declaration of Independance, third president1743-1826
16-year-old who rode to warn Patriots of British attack1761-1839
'Father of the Constitution', fourth president1751-1836
AccomplishmentsNameLife Span
Helped draft Constitution, minister to France and England1752-1816
Author whose writings inspired Founding Fathers1737-1804
Enlghiswoman-turned-influential South Carolina plantation owner1722-1793
Early US attorney genearal and secretary of state1753-1813
Philadelphian who helped raise money to support troops1746-1780
Man who rode through Boston annouces the arrival of the British1735-1818
Maker of the first American Flag1752-1836
Boston writer supported and wrote about freedom1728-1814
Commander of Continental army, first president1732-1799
Wife of first president, her visits to the troops were inspriational1731-1802

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