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George Eliot was born in Scotland.
She married and divorced three times.
She died in exile in Switzerland.
She left a prolific correspondence with Pope Pius X.
Her novels 'Middlemarch' and 'Daniel Deronda' were first published in instalments in the 1870s.
Her real name was Millicent Cleghorn.
Only one of her novels takes place after the French Revolution.
Her lover George Henry Lewes was in an open marriage with another woman.
StatementT or F?
Her last novel was 'Daniel Deronda'.
'Silas Marner' is subtitled 'The Weaver of Raveloe'.
She died before Emily Brontë did.
She was, by her own admission, 'a devout Roman Catholic'.
Niccolò Machiavelli features as a character in one of her novels.
In 'The Mill on the Floss', the mill in question is not a windmill.
She had a documented affair with Oscar Wilde.

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