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Can you name the 2 word phrases with initials B-K?

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heraldic symbol consisting of a rope in the form of a continuous loop laid out as a square with loops at each corner
Final novel of Dostoyevsky; enters deeply into the ethical debates of God, free will and morality
A literary stock character famous in many medieval stories as the counter to his much “brighter” counterpart
American novelist who focused on topics of social justice, biodiversity and interactions between humans and the environment
Titular name of Irish-born British mathematical physicist and engineer credited for important work in analysis of electricity and formulation of the first and second laws of thermo
A Jewish place of worship in term shared with Israeli legislature
Bird depicted on Canadian $5 note; Characterized by a colored band across its breast
Gandhi; Wiesenthal; Gary Nance; Itzhak Stern; Moses; Sweeney Todd; Don Logan; Georges Méliès
Democratic senator, presidential advisor, and Attorney General; Assassinated during campaign
Often illegal or regulated weapon of hand to hand combat

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