Airplane Movies

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Can you name the movies that took place on or around airplanes?

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1950Humphrey Bogart
1957Jimmy Stewart
1965Jimmy Stewart
1970Burt Lancaster
1975Robert Redford
1977Jack Lemmon
1979Eddie Albert
1980Robert Hays
1983Dan Aykroyd
1985Tom Cruise
1989Richard Dreyfuss
1990Bruce Willis
1990Mel Gibson
1992Wesley Snipes
1996Kurt Russell
1997Nicolas Cage
1997Steve Martin
1997Harrison Ford
2000Ben Affleck
2002Leonardo DiCaprio
2003Christina Applegate
2004Kevin Hart
2004Leonardo DiCaprio
2005Jodie Foster
2005Rachael McAdams
2006Polly Adams
2006Samuel L. Jackson

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