The Hand's Tourney

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Can you name the details regarding the Hand's Tourney in 'A Game of Thrones'?

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Who was this tourney suppose to honor?
Who unhorsed Ser Gregor Clegane?
Who won the archery competition?
Who unhorsed Ser Balon Swann?
Who unhorsed Lord Bryce Caron?
Who unhorsed Lord Beric Dondarrion?
Who won the bet? Renly or Littlefinger?
Who unhorsed Harwin?
Who unhorsed Ser Robar Royce?
Who unhorsed Alyn?
Who unhorsed Ser Meryn Trant?
Who defeated Jory Cassel
Who won the melee competition?
Who unhorsed Ser Barristan Selmy?
Who unhorsed Ser Andar Royce?
Who killed Ser Hugh of the Vale?
Who unhorsed Ser Lothor Brune?
Who unhorsed Ser Jaime Lannister?
Who won the jousting competition?
Who unhorsed Ser Aron Santagar?
Who unhorsed Ser Horas Redwyne?
Who unhorsed Lord Renly Baratheon?

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