A Song of Ice and Fire: House Tyrell

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Can you name the members of House Tyrell, their household, and their bannermen?

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House TyrellLord of Highgarden, Warden of the South
House HightowerHis wife
House TyrellHis eldest son
House TyrellHis second son
House TyrellHis youngest son
House TyrellHis daughter
House RedwyneHis widowed mother
House TyrellHis sister
House TyrellHis second sister
House TyrellHis uncle
House TyrellHis uncle's bastard son
House TyrellHis uncle's bastard son
House TyrellHis uncle
House TyrellHis uncle
House TyrellCounselor, healer, and tutor
House VyrwelCaptain of the guard
House CraneMaster-at-arms
House RedwyneBannerman, Lord of the Arbor
House TarlyBannerman, Lord of Horn Hill
House OakheartBannerman, Lady of Old Oak
House RowanBannerman, Lord of Goldengrove
House HightowerBannerman, Lord of the Port
House FossowayBannerman

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