A Song of Ice and Fire: House Tully

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Can you name the members of House Tully, their household, and their bannermen?

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House TullyLord of Riverrun
House WhentHis wife [deceased]
House TullyHis eldest daughter
House TullyHis younger daughter
House TullyHis son
House TullyHis brother
House TullyCounselor, healer, and tutor
House GrellMaster-at-arms
House RygerCaptain of the guard
House WaynSteward of Riverrun
House MallisterBannerman, Lord of Seagard
House FreyBannerman, Lord of the Crossing
House BrackenBannerman, Lord of the Stone Hedge
House BlackwoodBannerman, Lord of Raventree
House DarryBannerman
House VanceBannerman
House PiperBannerman
House WhentBannerman, Lady of Harrenhal

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