Flattest Landlocked Countries

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Elevation Range (m)CountryExtreme Points
56unnamed elevation 75m; unnamed location 19m
256Dzyarzhynskaya Hara 346m; Nyoman River 90m
426Buurgplaatz 559m; Moselle River 133m
428Dealul Balanesti 430m; Dniester (Nistru) 2m
549Tena Kourou 749m; Mouhoun (Black Volta) River 200m
700Monte Titano 755m; Torrente Ausa 55m
796Cerro Pero 842m; junction of Rio Paraguay and Rio Parana 46m
936Kekes 1,014m; Tisza River 78m
Elevation Range (m)CountryExtreme Points
976Tsodilo Hills 1,489m; junction of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers 513m
1085Mont Ngaoui 1,420m; Oubangui River 335m
1132Hombori Tondo 1,155m; Senegal River 23m
1487Snezka 1,602m; Elbe River 115m
1822Idoukal-n-Taghes 2,022m; Niger River 200m
1841Emlembe 1,862m; Great Usutu River 21m
1898Heha 2,670m; Lake Tanganyika 772m

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