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The name of Marc's doggy
Marc's Girlfriend
Band that Andy and company rag on Marc for liking
Who is credited with coining the term 'Big Head'
Rich smokes them
The model of Teresa'a car (The make is Nissan)
Musician that Marc is said to look like
Girl known as 'Japan Yo' in Marc's phone contacts
While sitting in Rich's car, I pulled an album, by this band, out of the back seat compartment
Marc provides backing vocals on this, in development, Phork Phukkers song
Marc's favorite baseball team
The name of Marc's character that I created in Here Comes the Pain
Cruel nickname for Marc (not bighead)
Question Answer
Marc's current position in soccer
This Eagles player dramatically returned a kickoff for a game winning touchdown with 36 seconds left, against Marc
After going for first down on 4th and 16, and converting, Marc has been dubbed this (4 words, the last one is manager)
Marc sang this song with me on bass, Jimmy V on drums and Joey C on guitar. He repeated the last line a whopping 32 times
Does Marc shave his body
Marc has to fight for his right to do this
Marc always has a jar of these in his kitchen
Marc's middle name
Marc ran into this object, head first, in fourth grade
Connor Natalino famously said that the numbers in Marc's gamer tag (Big Head213) represent what
Teresa is known for her superb ability to cook what
Marc owns this band's shirt which is, by far, the most feminine article in his wardrobe

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