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The name of the actress that played 'Linda'
What intimacy Julia considers acceptable during a church ceremony
The only song George knows how to sing
The song playing in the background at Robbie's wedding
The table number that seated 'the mutants'
The man that describes attractive women as Grade A Top Choice Meat
The singer that was on the plane with Robbie
The character that's destined to wander the Earth alone
The instrument the best man 'self-taught' himself
The song playing at the beginning of the movie
What Robbie used to wear that turned Linda on
Julia's relation to Holly
What Jimmie Moore inspired Julia to hire
How much money Robbie makes per gig
The location Linda and Robbie were flying over
The song that plays as the credits roll
What Rosie pays Robbie in, in exchange for music lessons
The piece of Sammys clothing the old man had after them and Robbie left the bar
The amount of time Robbie spent in his basement before Sammy came to visit him
The meatball Robbie ate first

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