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What Robbie used to wear that turned Linda on
The item of clothing of Sammy's that the old man has on as they and Robbie leave the bar
The act of intimacy Julia considers acceptable during a wedding ceremony
The only song George seems to know how to sing
The musician that was aboard the same plane as Robbie
Julia and Holly's relationship
The song playing at the end of the movie as the credits roll
What Rosie pays Robbie in
The name of the man that describes attractive women as 'Grade 'A', Top Choice Meat'
The location Robbie and Linda flew over while they were dating
The meatball Robbie went for first
The character that's 'destined to wander the Earth alone'
The number of days Robbie had been staying in his room until Sammy came to visit him after the wedding
The instrument that the best man 'self-taught' himself
What Jimmie Moore inspired Julia to hire
The table number that seated 'the mutants'
The song playing at the beginning of the movie
The amount of money Robbie makes per gig
The song playing during Robbie's wedding
The actress that played 'Linda'

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