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'Oh great. My first step in Rome and I eat it on the ground.'10
'I'm strong, I'm alpha, I'm the lioness. I'm getting what I want because I'm going to do it, no matter what.'16
'I believe that if the animal's alive you shouldn't kill it to make a coat of anything, but if it's already dead than you can take the skin off and just make a coat.'8
'I didn't understand Robin's assertion that her hair made her look like a prostitute. But then again, I'm not really familiar with prostitute trends.'1
'I'm not 20, stripping at some club. Do you really think America's Next Top Model is going to be an exotic dancer?'9
'Bianca, what the f***? I'm mostly hungry.'17
'Opening a sliding door in Japan seriously takes five minutes.'3
'I thought you had to be 18 to get on the show, but apparently six-year-olds can come on, too.'15
'I'm gonna show you, America. You ain't ready for this yellow fever. One time for the Asians.'11
'But I'm the talent!'16
'Did you pull that stick out of your ass from last panel?'7
'I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries.'8
'Maybe I should've peed in a diaper or something so people would remember me.'17
'I want to be like freaking Mother Teresa, but in a diva kind of way, okay?'10
'These girls, myself included, have been like monkeys in a cage, and you drop big bananas inside, of course they're going to tear the peels off.'2
'I don’t like semen. I don’t like semen on my hand.'15
'I was born with a bloody eyeball.'13
'I didn't know we could do it to ourselves.'1
'I'm legally blind. And I'm going to be about 30 when I go completely blind.'3
'I'll always remember this, shooting with an elephant. It reminds me of an ancient dinosaur. ‘Cause they are in the dinosaur family.'6
'Call me when you become an All-Star!'17
'I was thinking I'm a sea nymph on acid scaling a wall in the sunshine.'9
'I'm a strong bitch but I'm a weak bitch.'17
'A T-shirt?! Whatcha gonna do with a T-shirt?'8
'Check yo thighs in da mirror! And I'm done.'9
'Put your eyebrows down, Bianca.'13
'If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.'1
'I don't really get to know this stuff. I am a model, not a masseuse.'6
'Nobody else took it there, like nobody was like, 'Yo Jade, you look like an 85 year old woman.''6
'I feel so frustrated with the va-jay-jay shaving party.'11
'I know how to conduct myself. Bitch, I worked at a bank, I worked at a bank. Do you think I talk like this at a bank?'17
'Everyone freakin' says to me that I'm a diva! So how do I not be a diva?'3
'I'm an exotic biracial butterfly.'6
'Stealing is taking it, you don’t know who took it, and you never see it again.'5
'I got eliminated on my freaking graduation day.'7
'This is not America's Next Top Best Friend.'6
'How do you make a hotdog gay and lesbian and free?'17
'This is my signature walk, and this is what's going to make me famous.'2
'Everyone just needs to calm down. Take a break. Eat a cookie!'5
'I have a really big fascination with blood, and I think it just looks really pretty.'12
'I am (name) and I am America's Next Top Model.'11
'We'll be wearing dresses made of hair. Whose hair?!'14
'My body is a temple and my temple wants cheesecake.'12
'Bitch poured beer on my weave!'4
'Honestly, I don't know anything about Tibet except that people want to free it.'13

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