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You should be right here laying next to me but baby you chose to love the hard wayThis is Us
First off I cant keep a promise I'm no one to count on at all This is Us
Even in my heart I see You're not bein' true to meBackstreet Boys
Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine I'm leavin' my life in your handsBackstreet's Back
Here we are, seven days And seven nights of empty tries Unbreakable
I guess you were lost when I met you Still there were tears in your eyesMilennium
I was looking for something On the crime scene where you're in too deepBlack & Blue
I won't tell nobody I'll just scream it in my mindUnbreakable
Who are you now? Are you still the same or did you change somehow?Never Gone
You see me sitting here, a smile upon my face The time has come but you know that it's not too lateBlack & Blue
Looking at your picture from when we first met You gave me a smile that I could never forgetNever Gone
I wanna know can we spend this life togetherThis is Us
Life should be like a game of cards you make a mistake huffle the deck and start over This is Us
I may run and hide When you're screamin' my name, alrightMilennium
Shorty ain't got got cable, she ain't even got a radioThis is Us

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