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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about racing film Days of Thunder?

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When was the film released?
What studio released the film?
Who scored the film?
What is Rowdy Burns' sponsor?
What is his car number?
Who does Rowdy spin in the opening scene?
Who was Harry's previous driver?
Where did #6 die?
What track does Cole Trickle first test a Winston Cup car?
Who's car does he drive?
Where does Cole 'want to go?'
What is Cole's car number?
Before picking up a sponsor, what Charlotte dealership is on Cole's car?
Where does Cole get his first Winston Cup win?
What company takes over as Cole's sponsor following the win?
Who was the con-artist that owned Cole's Sprint Car?
Who is the brain surgeon that treats Cole and Rowdy after they are injured at Daytona?
When Cole is injured, who takes over his car and later becomes his teammate?
When Cole returns, what is No. 18's car number?
What is his sponsor?
What does Cole use to represent cars in his 'drafting lesson?'
What does he use for his 'race track?'
Where does Cole intentionally blow his engine?
Who does Tim Daland fire after Cole crashes both of his cars after a race is over?
What is wrong with Rowdy Burns?
What does Rowdy ask Cole to do for him?
Who sponsor's Cole's car in the Daytona 500?
Who supplies Cole's team with an engine for the race?
Before the big accident, where is Cole running?
Who does Russ Wheeler knock Cole into, causing them to crash?
When Russ wrecks Cole, what is damaged on Cole's car?
Russ is certain he can hold off Cole because...
Who wins the Daytona 500?
What does Claire say when Cole says he thought she wasn't going to watch?
In the last scene, where are Cole and Harry racing on foot?
Who played Cole Trickle?
Who played Harry Hogge?
Who played Claire?
Who played Russ Wheeler
Who played Rowdy Burns
Who played Tim Daland?
What producer of the film also played a driver?
What was his character's name?
What was his car number?
What was his sponsor?
For the soundtrack, who sang 'The Last Note of Freedom?'
Who sang 'Show Me Heaven?'
Who sang 'Gimme Some Lovin'' on the soundtrack? (NOT Spencer David Group)
What late NASCAR driver appeared in the film before the last race?
What NASCAR champion did Harry reference when lecturing Cole about saving his tires?
Who was Cole Trickle based on?
Who was Harry Hogge based on?
What NASCAR team owner served as technical advisor on the film?
What eventual NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion made his debut driving a car for the film?

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