Beware the Batman Characters

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Can you name the characters in Cartoon Network's 'Beware the Batman' (2013)?

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HintAnswerVoice Actor
The Dark Knight
Bruce Wayne's butler
Bruce Wayne's Bodyguard/Batman's partner
Gotham's toughest cop
Chaos-crazed villain
Sexy-but-deadly acting leader of the League of Assassins
Top lieutenant in the League of Assassins
'Upgraded' agent of the League of Assassins
Split-personality villainess who loves 'shiny, shiny' objects
HintAnswerVoice Actor
Dapper doctor and porcine eco-terrorist
Amphibious associate of No. 10
Psychologically-shattered ex-mob accountant
Rotund, albino mob boss
No. 13's hotheaded attorney
Security guard-turned-elemental villain
Evil businessman responsible for No. 15's transformation
Therapist in serious need of therapy
Lovestruck (and targeted) scientist and inventor

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