Comic Book Characters

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NamesHero Alias
Oliver Queen
Piotr Rasputin
Tim Drake
Kent Nelson
Peter Parker
Lucas Bishop
Donald Blake
Phineas Mason
Harvey Dent
Jean Grey
Robert Drake
Maximillian Zeus
Scott Free
Diana Prince
May Parker
Scott Summers
Jack ???/Joseph Kerr
Charles Xavier
Arthur Curry
Norrin Radd
Norman Osborn
Steve Rogers
NamesHero Alias
Kitty Pryde
Carl Lucas
Al Simmons
Clark Kent/Kal-El
Tony Stark
Ororo Munroe
Jubilation Lee
Sergai Kravinoff
Wally West
Ted Grant
Reed Richards
Henry McCoy
Bruce Wayne
Connor Kent
Erik Lehnsherr
James Barnes
Ben Grimm
Crusher Crock
Jessica Drew
Betsy Braddock
Obadiah Stane
Warren Worthington
NamesHero Alias
Bruce Banner
Victor Von Fries
Liz Allen
Remy LaBeau
Cletus Cassidy
Allison Blaire
James Howlette/Logan
John Jones
Hal Jordan
Hank Pym
Kurt Wagner
Nathaniel Essex
Eddie Brock
Jean-Paul Baeubier
Barbara Gordon
Mac O'Gargan
Dick Grayson
Waylon Jones
Susan Storm
Johnny Storm

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