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song lyericsong nameswag
**** we are so ready for thee war C A R T E R
i go so hard i go so mean..i am so new orleans told the judge i coudlnt budge it was him or me
i got this game on ball and chain
i gotta go so where u going i gotta get back to the money
Kush got my dutch fat as f*** weezy f i'm bad as luck
last night i got so high i swaer to god i went tot he moon
energizer money it keep going i'm laid up and free throwing...Who rebounding who gives a ****...
Gte money, i anit never ran from a
hope when i kiss you make you sick to your stomachs
Chain so dark and my watch to bright the buddy in my pants wanna fight your wife
They know where carter at straight off the launching pad. Marching on the moon ...
Put the beat to sleep n**** i night gowned it
My name is wezzy Higher
i am the hiphop socailist life is a gamble when i'm all about my pocker chips
i am so high i feel like captain kirk get mirked
song lyericsong nameswag
Ughhh...i bet that chopper get his mind right...leave a whole in your chest like a lion bite
Ask you girl about my s*** she say thats delicious
i'm going for the gold my heart is in the my mind is on succed
no love lost no love found
and that how you let the
Next time you mention pac biggie and jayz dont forget wezzy baby
i like my sprite easter pink
Microphone wet because my works liek suduction
i am from new orleans n**** where you are neevr safe, **** with me wrung i drop yo a** in front of heavens gate
surronded by a** kissers and d*** pullers
body of a women so her age ment nothing
they call me mr carter i kiss the daughter of the deads forhead
because right now i am feeling like f*** you and
excuse my charisma pocket full a spritzer swaga down pat call it patrica
get on my level you cant get on my level you will need a space shuttle or ladder that forever

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