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Which french defender who played in 3 World Cups was knocked out unconscious in the 1982 FIFA World Cup semi-final by German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher ?
Which Belgian manager led Olympique de Marseille to the 1993 Champions League title ?
Which goalkeeper holds the record for most minutes without conceding a goal in the FIFA World Cup (517 minutes) ?
Which Romanian sweeper was the first player to win the Champions League with two different clubs (in 1986 and 1991) ?
What is the name of Spartak Moscow's home ground ?
What is the name of Real Zaragoza's home stadium ?
Sepp Blatter is the 8th President of FIFA. Who was the 7th ?
Zico has played in only one european club : which one ?
Which forgotten Dutch goalkeeper won two consecutive La Liga title with Barcelona in 1997 and 1998 ?
Which stadium hosted the 1974 FIFA World Cup final ?
QuestionsAnswersTrivia (hidden)
Which french executive was FIFA longest serving President and the creator of the World Cup ?
Who was the first italian player to miss a penalty in the 1994 FIFA World Cup Final against Brazil ?
Which English manager is famous for leading England to its only World Cup ?
Which Serbian playmaker won the Champions League twice on penalties, scoring the decisive one in the 1996 final ?
Which New Zealand striker, who starred for Werder Bremen in the 90's, was named the Oceania Footballer of the Century by the Oceania Football Confederation ?
Which hairy American centre back became the first modern-era American soccer player to play in Serie A ?
Which German coach led 1. FC Kaiserslautern to its last Bundesliga title in 1998
Before joining Real Madrid, what is the first European club left back Roberto Carlos played with ?
Which Brazilian striker was the first player to score in the final of two different World Cups (2 in 1958, 1 in 1962) ?
What is the name of AC Milan's training facility ?

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