Harry Potter, Double Initials: Advanced

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Can you name the characters in the Harry Potter books with double initials?

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AABroomstick Designer
BBDeath Eater
BBReporter for the Daily Prophet
CCHogwarts Student
CCHogwarts Student
DDFormer Hogwarts Headmistress
DDMember of the Order of the Phoenix
DDAmateur Boxer
FFHogwarts Professor
FFDiagon Alley Salesman
GGHogwarts Student
GGFormer Flame of a Main Character
GGHogwarts Founder
GGOne of Gilderoy's Fans
HHHogwarts Founder
IIAuthor of Dream Oracle
JJBeater for the Chudley Cannons
LLHogwarts Student
MMHogwarts Student in Lily's Era
MMRavenclaw Hogwarts Student
MMHogwarts Professor
MMDeceased Member of the Order of the Phoenix
PPHogwarts Student
PPHogwarts Student
PPHogwarts Student
PPDeath Eater
PPMuggle Bully
PPHogwarts Staff Member
QQHogwarts Professor
RRHogwarts Founder
SSImprisoned in Azkaban by Scrimgeour
SSHogwarts Founder
SSHogwarts Professor
TTAn Auror's Father
VVAuthor of Curses and Countercurses
WWGringotts Employee
WWCauses Regurgitating Toilets and Caught by Arthur

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