Four Consecutive Consonants

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Can you name the words with four consecutive consonants?

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Where one might drill for oil
It precedes thunder
Artist's tool
Its intensity is measured on the Richter scale
What you might do to a jumbled word
Veal cutlet dipped in batter and fried
Eastern European beet soup
It might contain a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Quiet person at a party
Comforting heat
One who writes in place of the stated author
Type of music note usually worth half a beat
One way to swim
Extended, such as one's arm
Where you would find the basement
Teenage star
Key pressed following a typo
'Digit-al' torture device?
Homer Simpson's is 'D'oh!'
Difficult direction to row
Newborn member of the avian family
Passenger vehicle pulled by one person
You celebrate yours once a year
One tenth of a nanometer
What a ruler measures

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