Four Consecutive Consonants

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Can you name the words with four consecutive consonants?

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What you might do to a jumbled word
Its intensity is measured on the Richter scale
Artist's tool
Where you would find the basement
It might contain a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Quiet person at a party
Key pressed following a typo
It precedes thunder
Teenage star
Comforting heat
What a ruler measures
One who writes in place of the stated author
Newborn member of the avian family
One way to swim
Extended, such as one's arm
Type of music note usually worth half a beat
You celebrate yours once a year
Veal cutlet dipped in batter and fried
'Digit-al' torture device?
One tenth of a nanometer
Passenger vehicle pulled by one person
Eastern European beet soup
Where one might drill for oil
Difficult direction to row
Homer Simpson's is 'D'oh!'

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