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Category, BoardAnswerContestant's Letters
Thing: -HONE ----M D H O
Event: --- -A-RC D G A
What Are You Doing?: ----NG A SNAC-*M C G A
Phrase: O-ER -- -E-D*F D C O
Food & Drink: -C-NG*G C H A
Thing: -L---E- ---EB F M A
Fictional Characters: -A--- AND GR-M--C G M A D
Thing: --S- ----C P B A
Things: D-- B-S---TS*B D M A
Place: H--LO--G P H O B
Things: -O--- P-NSP C D O
Things: C---DS AND ---*C P D A
People: ----E -N- --R-P B M O
Place: -R-S- P-B*C B D A P
Phrase: -AR- AN- C---G C H A
Phrase: J--N THE CL-B*H J C A B
Phrase: -E-R -IM --TB M D I
Proper Name: -A-LA A-D-L*H C D A
Proper Name: -A-NE -RAD-*C D M A
Thing: --CA--LAR-D P C A
Show Biz: -AN-- PLA-ER*P M C A
Phrase: -T'S -O-R MO-E*C H M O
Category, BoardAnswerContestant's Letters
Phrase: -T LOOKS ----K C G O
Event: -CEAN ---A-EC D M A
Things: -EA- ---RSC M W A
Thing: E--- SA-AD M W A
Food & Drink: KETC-UP*C K P U
Thing: -N---NG --N-C G P A
Fun & Games: --ELD -OC-E-*D M C O
Person: B--IN- --NC H B I
Phrase: MA--E - --LL*P C M A
Around the House: C-M-- S--A*C H M A
Food & Drink: -RIC- --EN -I---*C H M I
Thing: -R--T- C-ARTP C M A
Around the House: ---- -AS-H M P A
Phrase: ---C- ON THE DR--H D C O M
Thing: S-A-ED -EADD P F A M
Thing: -RI--T IDE-*D M C I
Around the House: S--EA-- ---RG H C A
What Are You Doing?: -----N- ---D H P A C
Food & Drink: -E---E D-PC D P O
Phrase: AS --- -IS-*H C M I
On the Map: --E-E- --N-D-D M H O
Thing: -OOT M-SS--E*B C M O

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