Lame Jokes with World Capitals

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Can you name the world capitals which are answers to these lame jokes?

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What do you call a sandwich shop which has just opened?
_______, a plan, a canal...Panamma?
'I drove _______ to da store today.'
'Betting it all is going great! I keep _______ my money!'
A tape made in South America might be called a _______
Type 'Ouagadougou'.
What happens when there is an earthquake in east Africa? Shake _______
'Yo mama's so fat!' 'Ooohhh, _______!'
'_______ you talking to me? Speak louder, dear.'
I ljong to ljive in this ljoveljy city.
'What is your blood type?' '_______'
What do you call an animation made in north Africa?
To fish for the breeze, you would use one of these.
How did the robbers escape after the robbery? _______ away.

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