Only Fools and Horses Characters

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Bent copper
'I said to Zola and Zola said to me'
Plonker's best mate
Daft Laugh
Dont cross the railway lines
Indian gentleman
Owns a cafe
Husbands keep dying
Mums best friend
Is he from Ireland or Athens?
During the war
Bank robber
Her dad works as a painter for the council
Plonker's best mate's mate
Moaning old git
Starlight Room owner
Starlight Room manager
Scared, works behind the bar in Nags Head
Sucked up by a road sweeper
Sex shop pervert
Mafia member
Smuggled into the country from France
Name like an ape, another contact
Cheap printing?
Snotty little herbert
Owns a organic food shop
All the lads love her
Threw up at the Theatre
Another one of 'wheeler-dealer's' contacts
Who's Rachel?
'I am not a cowboy'
Thick as two short planks
Plonker's wife
Would you call her a cab?
Lorry driver
A porter at Newcastle Infirmary

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