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Name like an ape, another contact
Smuggled into the country from France
During the war
Sucked up by a road sweeper
Plonker's best mate's mate
Dont cross the railway lines
'I am not a cowboy'
Indian gentleman
Another one of 'wheeler-dealer's' contacts
Owns a cafe
Scared, works behind the bar in Nags Head
Would you call her a cab?
Lorry driver
Moaning old git
Plonker's wife
Plonker's best mate
Mafia member
Is he from Ireland or Athens?
Sex shop pervert
Daft Laugh
Thick as two short planks
A porter at Newcastle Infirmary
Cheap printing?
Bank robber
All the lads love her
Mums best friend
Who's Rachel?
Husbands keep dying
Starlight Room owner
Snotty little herbert
Starlight Room manager
Bent copper
'I said to Zola and Zola said to me'
Her dad works as a painter for the council
Owns a organic food shop
Threw up at the Theatre

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