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There's always a placeAnna
The only ruin that I recogniseAnna
Well, Mrs. Bates,Bates
In fact, I'd give you a smackAnna
I think I would love youBates
It's not against the law toAnna
Because I love you, Mr. Bates. I know it's not lady-like to say itAnna
Now go to sleepBates
And I love you, forAnna
No man can regret lovingBates
Forget me andBates
I would marry you nowAnna
I have stuck by you throughAnna
I'd rather have the right manAnna
I know only that I am nowAnna
If we have to leave here, if we have to leave the country,Anna
I don't care, don't you understand?Anna
Mr. Bates, if we have to face thisAnna
Try not to miss meBates
I will be your next of kinAnna
You are a lady to meBates
It's always sad when you love someoneAnna
One kissBates

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