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Can you name the U.S. cities from the clues (see game note)?

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Example: 'Male deer' and 'US automaker' would be Hartford.
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ClueU.S. CityClue
6th month of the yearGold's chemical symbol
Stream of waterA heptagon has 7
State with Topeka and WichitaLarge, important town
People who make bread, etc.Grassy area
RecentNoah's boat
Narrow valleyBroad valley
To burnAngler fish
MajesticHigh-current part of a river
Building for protectionFinancial value
Neither he ___ IPerson in general
Conductor's wandBlush
Not shortSandy area by an ocean
Cleansing2,000 lb.
Face card after 10Male child
Pakistani dishLarger than before
2nd note of the diatonic scaleWill you give me a million dollars?
Small harborFollows 'ice', 'green' or 'candy'
Acorn treeArea that someone owns
Fashionable and attractiveIn the past

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