Let's Make U.S. Cities!

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Can you name the U.S. cities from the clues (see game note)?

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Example: 'Male deer' and 'US automaker' would be Hartford.
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ClueU.S. CityClue
Building for protectionFinancial value
State with Topeka and WichitaLarge, important town
Cleansing2,000 lb.
Fashionable and attractiveIn the past
2nd note of the diatonic scaleWill you give me a million dollars?
Acorn treeArea that someone owns
Small harborFollows 'ice', 'green' or 'candy'
Stream of waterA heptagon has 7
Face card after 10Male child
People who make bread, etc.Grassy area
Narrow valleyBroad valley
Not shortSandy area by an ocean
RecentNoah's boat
To burnAngler fish
MajesticHigh-current part of a river
6th month of the yearGold's chemical symbol
Conductor's wandBlush
Neither he ___ IPerson in general
Pakistani dishLarger than before

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