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Can you name the things that end in '-ator'?

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A machine that keeps food and drinks cold
A person or thing that changes things from one language to another
A member of Congress that is not part of the House of Representatives
A small machine used for mathematical operations
A police officer who finds out facts about crimes
A person who assumes the appearance of another
A person who designs architectural interiors
A person that manages a business, organization, or institution
A large reptile with a long tail and sharp teeth
The number that appears above the line a common fraction
A machine that carries people up and down levels of a building
Someone who has complete authority over the government of a state
Someone who takes care of things in a museum or library
A person who has the power to create laws
A foot pedal that you press to make a vehicle go faster
A person who tells the story in a book or movie
A negotiator who acts as a link between two opposing opinions
Someone who watches a public activity or event
A circle around the Earth that is equidistance from the North Pole and South Pole
An aircraft pilot
A person who fights other people as public entertainment
Someone who disobeys rules
A person whose job is to eliminate insects, animals, etc. from a building
An animal that kills or eats other animals

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