Earth's Changing Surface

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_____ is the placing of materials in a new place.
The soil layer that has the greatest amount of decayed material in it is _____.
_____ is the breaking down of rock by gravity, ice, plant roots, or other forces.
Scientists study material that pushed through the cracks in the crust to learn about the _____ and _____ of the Earth
A _____ is an example of a constructive force of nature.
A _____ is the place where two plates come together.
_____ is the changing of materials in a rock by chemical processes.
Earth's magnetic field results from movements in the _____.
The oldest fossils are found in _____.
Most geologists believe that _____ are the result of the movement of Earth's plates.
Farmers surround fields with natural barriers such as trees in order to prevent _____ of topsoil.
When people feel the force of two plates jerking into a new position, an _____ is taking place.
The _____ is the Earth's outermost and thinnest layer.
Most _____ occur at plate boundaries.
Earth's _____ is a dense ball of solid metal.
Starting from the surface, the correct order of the Earth's layers are _____, _____, _____, and _____.
The Earth's _____ is made up of the top part of the mantle and the crust above it.

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