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Can you name the homophones starting with each letter?

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You only need to enter one of the homophones for each letter.
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A: Common small insectA: Your mom's sister
B: What a drum makesB: Root vegetable
C: Not expensiveC: Little bird's sound
D: MoneyD: Female deer
E: One of the Great LakesE: Creepy
F: Evergreen treeF: Mammal covering
G: Species of primatesG: Unofficial soldier
H: What bald people don't haveH: Rabbit-like creature
I: Opposite of 'out'I: Hotel
J: Kinda like jellyJ: Side of a doorway
K: Clay ovenK: Put to death
L: To make smallerL: Task for individual study
M: CornM: Labyrinth
N: Zero quantityN: Religious woman
O: Boat rowerO: Conjuction
P: 3.14159...P: Dessert with crust and filling
Q: Two fourths of a gallonQ: Hard, shiny stone
R: Part in a playR: Piece of bread
S: Not allS: Answer to an addition problem
T: One plus oneT: Also
U: Delete a changeU: Unnecessary
V: To changeV: In a high degree
W: Aquatic mammalsW: Part of the UK
Y: Inside of an eggY: Animal joiner
Z: Large animal facilitiesZ: King of the Greek gods

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