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Which river is the third longest in the world?Yangtze or Mississippi-Missouri?
Which mountain is in Europe?Mount Logan or Mount Elbrus?
Which nation is completely south of Venezuela?Peru or Brazil?
Which island is in the Mediterranean Sea?Corsica or Buru?
Which country does not border Lake Titicaca?Bolivia or Colombia?
Which is closest to the population of Cuba?11 million or 8 million?
Which U.S. state has parishes instead of counties?Alaska or Louisiana?
Which country only borders one other country?Slovenia or Denmark?
Which Canadian province is west of Saskatchewan?Manitoba or Alberta?
Which city is the capital of Nigeria?Abuja or Lagos?
Which U.S. state is a commonwealth?Pennsylvania or Kansas?
Which lake is the deepest lake in North America?Great Slave or Crater?
Which U.S. state does not border the Atlantic Ocean?New York or Vermont?
Which country is landlocked?Montenegro or Armenia?
Which country borders both Sudan and Ethiopia?Eritrea or Kenya?

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