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Can you name the common four-letter first names from the celebrity examples?

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Forced Order
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SurnamesFirst Name
Church, Clapton
Damon, Bomer
Santorum, Ross
Lampanelli, Kudrow
Stone, Roberts
Gosling, Reynolds
Hathaway, Frank
McCartney, Rudd
Galifianakis, Braff
SurnamesFirst Name
Turner, Fey
Bridges, Dunham
Hutcherson, Brolin
Rudolph, Angelou
Goodall, Fonda
Wallace, Tyson
Hemsworth, Neeson
Ferrell, Smith
Collins, Tomlin
SurnamesFirst Name
Nicholson, Black
Penn, Connery
Levine, Carolla
Cena, Travolta
Clinton, Murray
Crawford, Rivers
Wahlberg, Zuckerberg
Nolte, Cannon
Meyers, Rogen

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