Symmetrical Words

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Can you name the words that consist entirely of horizontally-symmetrical letters?

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Hint (Ltrs.)Word
Skewered meal (5)
Bouncing of sound waves (4)
Go beyond; surpass (6)
Bauer or Murphy (5)
Recipe directory (8)
Home to Akron and Toledo (4)
Strangle, stifle, or suffocate (5)
Crying imitation onomatopoeia (6)
Hint (Ltrs.)Word
Woodwind instrument (4)
Newly-hatched bird (5)
Carbon _____: CO2 (7)
____ and seek (4)
Decision (6)
Chilled container to keep food cold (6)
Floridian lake (10)
To verify, or a written bank order (5)

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