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Can you name the answers to these general trivia questions about the 1st day of each month?

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Giuseppe Piazzi discovers this dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. (1801)January
This amendment of the constitution is signed by Abraham Lincoln. (1865)February
Justin Bieber, a very interesting singer, is born in this country. (1994)March
Apple Inc. is formed by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and this guy. (1976)April
This territory is officially organized as a United States commonwealth. (1950)May
Nick Young, the shooting guard on this NBA team, was born. (1985)June
Rwanda, along with this African nation, gain independence from Belgium. (1962)July
MTV begins broadcasting and airs its first music video, of this song. (1981)August
A subway system in this U.S. state opens as the first subway in North America. (1897)September
This entertainment resort opens near Orlando, Florida. (1971)October
This former Yugoslavian republic joins United Nations. (2000)November
This director of 'Annie Hall', 'Midnight in Paris', and 'Hannah and Her Sisters' is born. (1935)December

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