Famous Hairstyles Throughout History

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Can you name the 20 Famous Hairstyles ?

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Jennifer Aniston's Character
Kiss, Mr T
Justin Bieber (that's the answer!)
Woman of the 80's
Donald Trump, Homer Simpson
Bob Marley, Lil Wayne
Ludacris, Some Jews, OJ Simpson
Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum
Length of Hair, Princess Diana, Rihanna
Andre Agassi, John Stamos, Joe Dirt
Will Smith of the 80's
Lionel Richie, Young Michael Jackson, Young Eddie Murphy
The Beatles
Women of the 50's, Tracey Turnblad
Fake Hair, comes in all types of shapes and sizes!
Hard Core Rockstars, Goku
Allen Iverson, Whoopi Goldberg
Justin Timberlake, David Beckham
Bruce Willis, Brittany Spears 2007
2006 Amy Winehouse, Marge Simpson, B-52

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