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Practice of awarding plaintiffs huge settlements
'Sitting, Waiting, Wishing' songwriter
'Star Trek' director (2009)
Jitters or uneasiness, in slang
'Shoeless' early 20th Century baseball player
Hip-hop collaborator with 'The Fresh Prince'
'I Love Rock n' Roll' singer
Rock starlet who famously died in 1970
'Ulysses' novelist
1986 spy comedy film starring Whoopi Goldberg
Famous wild west gangster and outlaw
Gummy-like candy
'Powderpuff Girls' nemesis
Act excitedly happy
'Star Wars' prequel comic character
Cursed board game of movie fame
Naive, or uninteresting
'Subs so fast you'll freak!' chain restaurant
Popular martial art
She played Sara Sidle on 'CSI'
Southwestern shrub grown for its oil
Typical warm-up exercise
Contemporary of 'Scooby Doo' and 'Speed Buggy'
Civil Rights activist and Baptist minister
Mixed drink common at college parties
Magical object or force
The US's first Chief Justice
Container for storing preserves
'Airbus' or '747'
'Les Miserables' main character

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