Word Ladder: Colors of the Rainbow

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Can you name the words in this color-themed word ladder that includes all of the colors of the rainbow except indigo?

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3-letter word (Really Easy)
**Color of the Rainbow** 
Where you sleep 
Not good or ugly 
Where you get beer 
A bit 
2012 Movie 
**Color of the Rainbow** 
4-letter word (Easy)
**Color of the Rainbow** 
Talking like a drunk 
Small spike 
Thick, strong pole 
Burn the surface of 
Pooh is one 
Supports a building 
Common abrreviation for a barenaked ladies album 
A shade of bluish-gray 
**Color of the Rainbow** 
5-letter word (Medium)
**Color of the Rainbow** 
Demonym of a european country 
Like a stream or river 
Assassin's ______ 
Shedded tears 
A forest is wooded, or _____ 
One of the 7 deadly sins 
**Color of the Rainbow** 
6-letter word (Hard)
**Color of the Rainbow** 
Emit a deep, loud roar 
A mass of clouds or smoke 
An type of alloy 
When a ballerina looks very light during a jump 
Used to vote 
Type of artistic dance 
Official portraitist of Louis XVI 
A smaller version of the next answer, less than 10 inches in diameter 
What you will find behind your TV 
The main stem of a plant 
_____ and effects 
Small earthenware containers, such as pots or jars, for holding liquids. 
Contractions of two adjacent vowels 
Species of bird 
A handle commonly used to start an engine 
Mischevous acts 
Crashes involving a car or a plane 
Short for orangutans 
**Color of the Rainbow** 
6-letter word (Really Hard)
**Color of the Rainbow** 
Short for orangutans 
Scottish word for wrongs 
He _____ out the cloth 
He _____ his own beer 
These are used to make pickles 
He _____you with a sharp weapon 
Shows the way 
_____vs. Marineau (2006 court case) 
Decieved, tricked 
Synonym to above word 
Synonym for esophagus 
A type of vase, also called a goglet 
A relaxed and lively woman 
Pooh's best friend 
An ice axe 
**Color of the Rainbow** 

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