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Do you feel lucky, punk?1971
A comedy about growing up, and the bumps along the way2007
The stuff dreams are made of1997
Nothing spreads like fear2011
You won't know the facts until you've seen the fiction1994
Escape or die frying2000
A comedy with bats and balls1989
You've read the ad, now see the movie!1980
Three decades of life in the Mafia1990
Out here survival is everything2013
One man's struggle to take it easy1986
The boy who had the answer to every question2008
There's 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean. They're looking for one2003
His news is bigger than your news2004
He loved the American Dream...With a vengeance1983
Houston, we have a problem1995
May the silence be broken!1991
An epic of epic epicness2010
The man. The music. The magic. The madness. The murder. The mystery. The motion picture.1984
A comedy about best buds1998

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