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Can you name the G. I. Joe characters listed in alphabetical order?

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Primary SpecialityCharacterCartoon Debut
Mountain Trooper Sunbow Series
Intelligence OfficerSunbow Series
LeaderSunbow Series
First SergeantSunbow Series
Explosives ExpertNone
Warrant OfficerSunbow Series
Marine ReconSunbow Series
CommanderSunbow Series
Snow TrooperSunbow Series
Ninja IntelligenceG. I. Joe: The Movie
NinjaValor vs. Venom
Covert OperationsSunbow Series
MercenarySunbow Series
Primary SpecialityCharacterCartoon Debut
NinjaDiC Series
B.A.T. LeaderDiC Series
Deceptive WarfareDiC Series
Silent WeaponsSunbow Series
Heavy Machine GunnerSunbow Series
Ninja CommandoSunbow Series
ExplosivesG. I. Joe: The Movie
Retaliator PilotNone
Oktober Guard Weapons ExpertSunbow Series (Under her real name, Diana)
Helicopter PilotSunbow Series
Crimson Guard CommanderSunbow Series
Not a CharacterSunbow Series (G. I. Catchphrase)
Master of DisguiseSunbow Series

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