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Hints about the personName of the person
Barney's girlfriend who is a stripper
This guy was Robin's therapist before they started dating
Ted's on and off girlfriend in college
Barney's girlfriend, who is also Robin's co-worker
A Ph. D student whom Ted went out with
Robin's boyfriend from Argentina
Ted girlfriend who stalked him for more than a year
Robin dated this hundred millionaire
Ted's fiance, who left him at the altar.
Robin's boyfriend, who has a kid
Ted's girlfriend, who was his enemy before
Barney's girfriend, before he became 'awesome'
Robin's boyfriend, who was also Marshall's classmate in Law School
Hints about the personName of the person
Robin's boyfriend, who was also his co-anchor
Robin went out with this guy to make Ted jealous
Robin boyfriend who was her secret crush before
Ted's girlfriend, who beat him up when he broke up with her
Ted met this girl while playing World of Warcraft
Girl Marshall went out with after he and Lily broke up for a while, the girl with the 'Crazy Eyes'
Robin's boyfriend, who behaves like a dog
Ted's girlfriend, who later went to Germany
Robin's boyfriend who has a band
Ted slept with this girl when he was drunk
Lily's boyfriend in high school
Robin boyfried, who was in his fourties
Ted found this girl after ten years of searching

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