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DescriptionReal-World WorkFictional Work
TV show starring Tina Fey'TGS with Tracy Jordan' starring Liz Lemon
TV show starring [eponymous actor] and Mary Tyler Moore'The Alan Brady Show' written by Rob Petrie
TV show starring Tim Allen'Tool Time' starring Tim Taylor
Novel by Douglas Adams[book title] published by Megadodo Publications
Novel by Stephen King[book title] by Paul Sheldon
Novel by William Goldman[book title] by S. Morgenstern
Novel by Ayn Rand'The Gallant Gallstone' by Lois Cook
Many stories by (type the name of the author)The Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred
Play by William Shakespeare'Pyramus and Thisbe' by Peter Quince
Play by Rodgers and Hammerstein'The Small House of Uncle Thomas' by Tuptim
Play by William Shakespeare'The Murder Of Gonzago' (aka 'The Mousetrap')
DescriptionReal-World WorkFictional Work
Play by Mel Brooks'Springtime for Hitler' by Franz Liebkind
Play by Michael Frayn'Nothing On' starring Garry Lejeune
Play by Cole Porter'The Taming of the Shrew'* starring Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi
Play by Ken Ludwig'Othello'* starring Max (substituting for Tito Merelli)
Play by T. S. Elliot and Andrew Lloyd Webber'Growltiger's Last Stand' starring Gus the Theatre Cat
Play by Ira Levin[play title] by Sidney Bruhl and Clifford Anderson (stolen and claimed by Helga ten Dorp and Porter Milgrim)
Film starring Gene Kelly'The Dancing Cavalier' starring Don Lockwood
Film starring Anthony Hopkins'Psycho'* starring Janet Leigh
Film starring Ben Stiller[film title] starring Tugg Speedman
Film directed by Wes Craven'Stab 3' directed by Roman Bridger
Song by Tenacious DThe greatest song in the world

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