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Serves as the inventor/mechanic for StarFox
Left after StarFox 64 returns at the end of StarFox adventures
Leader of Star Fox
Creator of StarFox
She joins StarFox after the events of StarFox adventures
Commander of all of Corneria's forces in the Lylat System
Robitic Operator of the Great Fox starship
Leader of Star Wolf
joins star wolf in starfox assault, signiture symbol is a red rose
Only original starwold member (other than wolf) to have stuck with starwolf since starfox 64
Nephew of Andross
Swine once part of both starfox and starwolf
Dinosaur friend from Sauria
final boss of most starfox games
Bulldog ace pilot in Cornerian Army
Might have a past with Falco, Helped StarFox team raid Zoness
Daughter of Peppy, teaches on Fichina
Love interest of Slippy, pilots the Tadpole in StarFox Command
Slippy's Father

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