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Can you name the type of stem cell that the clue is referring to? (Embryonic, Adult, Perinatal, Induced Pluripotent)?

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ClueStem Cell Type
These stem cells mimic the effects of embryonic stem cells, but without the ethical dilemma.
These stem cells are cells that have been reprogrammed to be pluripotent.
These are the most potent natural stem cells.
These stem cells have the highest potency.
These stem cells can be derived from placenta, umbilical cord, or amnion.
These stem cells are undifferenciated cells found throughout the body.
These are the most potent natural stem cells that are not considered an ethical issue.
These stem cells are very tumorigenic.
These stem cells are the topic of a major ethical debate.
These stem cells are responsible for tissue turnover.
These stem cells result from oocyte fertilization.
These stem cells are not naturally occurring.

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