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Can you name the missing words in these film titles that are all names of family relations?

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Stop! Or My ______ Will ShootSylvester Stallone (1992)
The Golden ______Eddie Murphy (1986)
______ Buck John Candy (1989)
______ of Rambow Jessica Hynes (2007)
My ______ Vinny Joe Pesci (1992)
My ______'s Keeper Cameron Diaz (2009)
______ of the Bride Steve Martin (1991)
My ______ Is an AlienDan Aykroyd (1988)
______ RivalryKirstie Alley (1990)
The Accidental _____Uma Thurman (2008)
The ______ ReturnsBrendan Fraser (2001)
In the Name of the ______Daniel Day-Lewis (1993)
______ of the Corn Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton (1984)
The Astronaut's ______Johnny Depp (1999)
First ______Katie Holmes (2004)
To ______'s House We GoAshley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen (1992)
_____Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito (1988)
______ ActWhoopi Goldberg (1992)
Big ______Adam Sandler (1999)
The Blues ______John Belushi (1980)

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