United Nations Medals - Name the country of service.

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Can you name the countries in which medal-recipient UN soldiers served, based on their missions and dates?

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Name of UN MissionCountryService Period
1. UNFICYP1964-Present Day
2. UNAVEM I1988-1990
3. UNMIK1999-Present Day
4. UNTAG1989-1990
5. UNMOGIP1949-Present Day
6. UNMOP1996-2002
7. UNOMSIL1998-1999
8. UNAMIC1991-1992
Name of UN MissionCountryService Period
9. UNOMIG1992-2009
10. UNMISS2011-Present Day
11. UNPREDEP1995-1999
12. UNOGIL1958
13. MINUGUA1997
14. UNTMIH1997
15. UNYOM1963-1964
16. MINURCA1998-2000

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