Christian Leaders of the 2000s

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Pope 1978-2005 
Pope 2005-present 
Archbishop of Canterbury 1991-2003 
Archbishop of Canterbury 2003-present 
Archbishop of Uppsala 1997-2006 
Archbishop of Uppsala 2006-present 
Patriarch of Constantinople 1991-present 
Patriarch of Alexandria 1997-2004 
Patriarch of Alexandria 2004-present 
Patriarch of Antioch 1979-present 
Patriarch of Jerusalem 2001-2004 
Patriarch of Jerusalem 2004-present 
Patriarch of Moscow 1990-2008 
Patriarch of Moscow 2008-present 
Patriarch of Serbia 1990-2010 
Patriarch of Serbia 2010-present 
Patriarch of Romania 1986-2007 
Patriarch of Romania 2007-present 
Patriarch of Bulgaria 1971-2012 
Patriarch of Georgia 1977-present 
Archbishop of Athens 1998-2008 
Archbishop of Athens 2008-present 
Archbishop of Cyprus 1997-2006 
Archbishop of Cyprus 2006-present 
Patriarch of Antioch 1980-present 
Patriarch of Armenia 1999-present 
Patriarch of Alexandria 1971-2012 
Patriarch of Alexandria 2012-present 
Malankara Metropolitan 1991-2005 
Malankara Metropolitan 2005-2010 
Malankara Metropolitan 2010-present 
Patriarch of Ethiopia 1992-2012 
Patriarch of Eritrea 1998-2002 
Patriarch of Eritrea 2002-2003 
Patriarch of Eritrea 2003-2007? 
Patriarch of Eritrea 2007-present (disputed) 
Patriarch of the Assyrian Church 1976-present 

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