Harry Potter: The Building Blocks

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Can you name the people or places who are the basis of the wizarding world at large?

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Hint Building BlockLittle Cool Things
The most successful wandmaker in Britain
The robe shop owner
The recorded history and spells and potions of the Wizarding World store
The 'dark' market of stores
The government's leader
The largest school's creators turned rivals
The same school's head(Flashback in book 2)
Hint Building BlockLittle Cool Things
Same school's heads
Lesser, darker, school's headmaster
Also lesser (yet the same level as school above), fancy, school's headmaster
The favorite form of recreation involving competition
The inflictors of pain and sorrow and all things bad
The cause of burning pain from a living thing; has been a mythological creature for centuries
The cause of comfort for their owners but extreme Discomfort for Themselves

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