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V - To remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration
Adj - Implied, not explicitly stated
Adj - Not talkative, silent
V - To plug, to drive in or down by a series of blows
N - A repetition, a redundancy, a circular argument
Adj - Cheap, gaudy, showy, tacky, indecent
Adj - Biased, showing marked tendencies
V - To offer formally
Adj - Thin or slender, unsubstantiated, rarefied, thin, insignificant, unsubstantial
Adj - Brief and concise in wording
Adj - Timid, fearful, diffident
N - A long and extremely critical speech, harsh denunciation
N - Sycophant, flatter, yes-man
Adj - Lethargic, sluggish, dormant
N - A force that causes rotation
Adj - Scorching, ardent, passionate, hurried
Adj - Full of twists, turns; winding, intricate, circuitous, deceitfully indirect, devious
V - To publicly praise or promote
Adj - Docile, obedient, easily led
Adj - Fleeting, passing quickly, brief
N - Mockery, caricature, parody
Adj - Sharply perceptive, keen, penetrating, biting, clear cut
Adj - Fierce, scathing, eager, to fight
Adj - Swollen
Adj - Muddy, having sediment stirred up, clouded to opaque, in a state of turmoil
Adj - Swollen, bloated, pompous, excessively ornate
N. Depravity, baseness, vile, shameful
N - Novice, beginner in learning
Adj - Existing everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered, widespread
N - Offense, resentment
V - To move in wavelike fashion, fluctuate
Adj - Genuine, not false of hypocritical
Adj - Indefensible, not viable, uninhabitable
Adj - Troublesome, unruly, unseemly, adverse
V - To scold, censure, rebuke, chastise
Adj - sophisticated, refined, elegant
N - Charging an exorbitant or illegal rate of interest
Adj - Multicolored, characterized by a variety of patches of different color
V - To brag or boast
Adj - Capable of being bought or bribed, mercenary
V - to revere
N - Truthfulness, honesty
N - appearing true or real
Adj - Authentic, real, genuine
N - annoyance, irritation
V - To defame, characterize harshly
Adj - Extremely harmful or poisonous, bitterly hostile or antagonistic
Adj - Thick, sticky
V - Te reduce the value of, debase, spoil, make ineffective
V - To use harsh condemnatory language; abuse or censure
Adj - Readily changing to a vapor; changeable, fickle, explosive
Adj - Having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit
N - A light breeze, a puff
N. Wit, joker
V - To move to and fro, to sway, to be unsettled in opinion
V - To writhe, to toss about, to be in turmoil
V - To go, proceed, walk

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