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Can you name the Actor/Actress who played the Marvel Characters in their movies?

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DeadpoolX-Men Origins: Wolverine and Deadpool
GambitX-Men Origins: Wolverine
Green GoblinSpider-Man
HulkThe Incredible Hulk
Human TorchThe Fantastic Four series
IcemanX-Men series
The Invisible WomanThe Fantastic Four series
Iron ManIron Man series
Jean GreyX-Men series
Mr. FantasticThe Fantastic Four Series
Nick FuryIron Man
Spider-ManSpider-Man series
StormX-Men series
The ThingThe Fantastic Four Series
VenomSpider-Man 3
WolverineX-Men series
BladeBlade series
CyclopsX-Men series
JuggernautX-Men: The Last Stand
PsylockeX-Men: The Last Stand
Black Widow*Iron Man 2
Lady DeathstrikeX-Men 2
Multiple ManX-Men: The Last Stand
War Machine*Iron Man series
ColossusX-Men series
LizardSpider-Man series
MagnetoX-Men series
Whiplash*Iron Man 2
SabretoothX-Men Origins: Wolverine
John WraithX-Men Origins: Wolverine
BiobX-Men Origins: Wolverine
Agent ZeroX-Men Origins: Wolverine
Emma FrostX-Men Origins: Wolverine
The PunishThe Punisher
AbominationThe Incredible Hulk
The LeaderThe Incredible Hulk
Iron MongerIron Man
Silver SurferThe Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer
Doctor DoomThe Fantastic Four series
New GoblinSpider-Man 3
SandmanSpider-Man 3
Ghost RiderGhost Rider
BlackheartGhost Rider
Professor XavierX-Men series
The BeastX-Men: The Last Stand
RogueX-Men series
Kitty PrydeX-Men: The Last Stand
AngelX-Men: The Last Stand
MystiqueX-Men series
PyroX-Men 2 and The Last Stand
CallistoX-Men: The Last Stand
QuillX-Men: The Last Stand
ArclightX-Men: The Last Stand
ElektraDaredevil and Elektra
Doc OckSpider-Man 2
NightcrawlerX-Men 2
The KingpinDaredevil

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